Trout Fishing Tips – Discover How to Catch More Than a Cold

Trout fishing is an sport enjoyed by many in different streams, lakes and rivers of the country.

The basic trout species includes: Rainbow, Cutthroat, Bull, Brook and Brown Trout.

They come in various colors and sizes, but catching them requires pretty much the same techniques.

Here are some trout fishing tips to help you catch even more trout…or at least get a few more bites!

Trout Fishing Tip #1: Gear – when it comes to trout fishing, the size of your gear and bait do matter. The location where you’ll be fishing and the size of trout you’re hoping to catch determines whether you use ultra light gear (fishing pole and reel), light gear, or heavier-duty gear. Unless you are fishing for the legendary trout, a solid trout fishing tip is to use ultra light or light gear.

Trout Fishing Tip #2: Bait – A good trout fishing tip is to use a hook size 10 when using live bait. Small lures are best for trout fishing, as well as spinners and spoons that aren’t any more than ΒΌ ounce in size. If you prefer minnow-type plugs, anything exceeding four inches long might be too long and not as effective.

Trout Fishing Tip #3: Smell Does Matter – here’s a great trout fishing tip: trout are very sensitive to smell and can detect unnatural scents. They will actually smell the bait before biting it to see if it is safe. Be careful of everything you touch with your hands! If you are a smoker, make sure to rub your hands in dirt or grass after handling a cigarette and before baiting your hook. Make sure to do the same after eating your lunch of pastrami on rye! They’ll smell the food and know it isn’t a natural smell to them.

Trout Fishing Tip #4: What You Wear Does Make a Difference – trout are smarter than the average bluegill, so an important trout fishing tip to remember is to wear colors you’d find in nature. Wear drab colors such as sand, gray, olive green, or browns for waders, shirts, and hats. Natural colors work great for blending into the environment. Loud colors like red, orange, or even bright white will stand out and cause the trout to steer clear of you and your bait.

Trout Fishing Tip #5: Your Bait Should Look Natural – As far as the fish species is concerned, trout are very smart. No matter what bait you decide to use, especially live bait, it should appear to the fish to be usual, not out of place. A trout fishing tip among anglers is to use gang hooks to present the bait in the most natural way possible.

Trout Fishing Tip #6: Catch and Release: When you finally reel one in, take note, trout are slippery! They have a protective slime on their bodies which protects them from disease. Without it, the trout could potentially be rendered helpless to fight off infectious diseases. If you reel in a trout that is under 6 inches long, it needs to be thrown back. Don’t let the fish flop around on the shore or the boat.

Another trout fishing tip experienced anglers might share with you: get the hook out by holding the fish under the water if you are throwing him back.

Follow these trout fishing tips and you’ll at least get more bites and possibly catch more fish!