Ideas For Destination Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are one of the most important showpieces of the wedding. You want your cake to be spectacular and to enhance the theme of your wedding. When planning a destination wedding, planning for a customized cake can seem like a big challenge, but there are some great ways to make sure that you have your dream cake.

A beautiful idea for a wedding cake is to decorate it with fresh flowers, and if you are having a wedding in the tropics, there will be some fantastic flowers that you can use. Most tropical flowers are big and show, making them perfect for decorations. Think of blooms like bright pink hibiscus or elegant orchids. The baker at your destination resort will be able to make suggestions about the most spectacular local flowers. Be sure to confirm that all flowers that will be coming into contact with your cake are pesticide-free.

Fresh flowers are great, but some brides are looking for a more thematic design for their cakes. Communicating a very specific design idea can be tricky when you cannot actually sit down with the baker face to face, but there are some things that you can do. If you have a picture of the exact style of cake that you would like, then it is simple enough to email it to the baker at your wedding venue. Do keep in mind that not every baker is able to execute every type of cake to perfection, so it may be wiser to stick to a fairly straightforward design. If you like the idea of a very elaborate and complicated cake, do your research first to make sure that the resort’s baker is up to the challenge. Ask to see pictures of their previous wedding cakes to get a sense of their skill level at decorating a very fancy cake.

There are some great alternatives besides emailing a picture to a baker in a far away land and simply holding your breath. A wonderful idea is to get a wedding cake topper or other decorations that you can bring with you. That way, you will know exactly what you are getting, and will not be leaving your cake design up to chance. This is something that more and more brides are choosing to do.

One of the most popular cake toppers these days is a monogram. You can have one created with either the last initial of the couple’s first name, or have a monogram designed using the first initials of the bride and groom on either side of the initial of their last name. The monogram cake toppers can be created in a number of different materials, but by far the most fabulous is Swarovski crystal. This is the perfect cake topper for the bride who will be wearing beautiful crystal bridal jewelry. Your crystal cake topper will look like bridal jewelry for your dessert – just divine!

Some bakers even make kits that you can bring to add to a cake at a destination wedding. You can get an entire theme in a box that is designed to travel. Little marzipan flowers or other sweet motifs are very sturdy, and can handle a plane ride to wherever you will be getting married. Just be sure to pack them in your carry-on baggage!

Having a destination wedding always involves a few extra logistical challenges, but it is well worth the extra effort. It is great to know that you can take steps to have the perfect wedding cake, even if your baker is not local. With a little advance planning, you can be sure to have a wedding cake that is a true centerpiece of the reception.

Inspire Budding Artists With a School Trip to Provence

For budding young artists, a school trip can be an eye-opening experience. It brings them into contact with new sights, scenes and ideas, and allows them to explore the artistic heritage of another part of the world while gathering inspiration for their own projects. One of the most inspiring places to do so is Provence, the region of southeastern France that, with its vivid landscapes and warm Mediterranean sunlight, has enticed artists across the centuries. Here are some of the places that promise to provide visiting students with a wealth of insight and inspiration.


A city full of fascinating history, Arles is most famous in the art world as the place that Vincent van Gogh made his home between 1888 and 1889 – the most prolific period of his life as a painter, during which he produced over 300 works. The appeal for an art-based school trip is undeniable, with scenes reminiscent of many of the legendary artist’s most iconic works visible throughout the streets, squares, and surrounding countryside – even the quality of light seems to echo the colours of his paintings. Most impressive of all is the painstakingly reconstructed bedroom of the house that Van Gogh lived and worked in, a visit to which offers a deeper appreciation of the artist’s world. Van Gogh’s legacy is not the only reason to visit Arles, however; Picasso also exhibited his works here, and a number of pieces by him can be seen at the Reattu Museum.


Another beautiful location with an important artistic history to visit on a school trip to Provence us Aix. Founded by the Romans in 123 BC, it has a long and eventful history, during which it was the medieval capital of Provence, and later an artistic and educational hub in the region. It was also the home city of Paul Cezanne, and the surrounding countryside features in many of his landscapes. There is much to see here, but two museums stand out: L’atelier Cezanne, which contains the artist’s preserved studio, and the Musee Granet, which contains the works of many celebrated artists including Cezanne, Renoir, Degas, Picasso, and Van Gogh.


For a taste of classical splendour, there are plenty of places in Provence where ancient building and sculptures can be found, but one that stands out is Nimes. Students visiting on a school trip will be impressed by the Roman Amphitheatre, the best-preserved building of its kind in France, which dates from at least the second century if not earlier, and the Roman temple known as the Maison Caree. With its elegant gardens and striking architecture, Nimes is the perfect place for students to practice their drawing skills, so be sure to bring the sketchbooks.

7 Kinds of Interesting Travellers

One thing that I have found is that when travelling, there will be people from all walks of life. Rich people, poor people, smart people, stupid people, funny people, sad people, inspiring people, ridiculous people, helpless people and the list goes on.

1. The First Time Traveler

The first time traveler is usually excited and perhaps a little apprehensive. Yet they have enthusiasm for discovery and look for opportunities to learn. Everything is exciting and new. However there could be the first time traveller who is expecting everything to be like it is at home and leave the tour disappointed. Let all the new people discover that the world is different and they can be enjoyed.

2. The Travel Guru

The travel guru knows it all. They read everything that they can prior to the tour and then they like to impress you with their knowledge and sometimes they speak the native language. They will provide advice on all things and there will be times that you wished you had someone else to talk to. However, you can still learn something from him/her.

3. The Adventure Man/Woman

The adventure man/woman personifies adventure. They dress for the adventure occasion and even act the part. Not like other travellers who simply enjoy adventure. Great people to be with during adventures but not necessarily the best dinner companion.

4. The Party Animal

The party animal prefers to start the day with brunch. He/she finds it difficult to get up early in the morning due to the party during the previous evening. Great people but will slow down serious travelers.

5. The Warring Couple

The warring couple are on the tour because one of them wanted to go. During the tour this fact will come out and there will be unsavoury scenes. Find a place some distance away and continue to enjoy your holiday.

6. The High Spending Traveler

The high spending traveller expects to get whatever he/she wants in any place. Can be much fun if they are generous but sometimes difficult to be with.

7. The Normal Traveler

Yes there are many normal travelers out there. They are like you and me enjoying the company of others and being a friend when it is needed. Easy to get along with and has a great sense of humour.

In summary, whatever the kind of traveler you meet, don’t judge too harshly. Everybody must have their day but some want it more often. Have fun and try to find the normal traveller and all will be well.