Life Is a Great Adventure and You Can Live It

When I speak or write of Life with a capital “L” I am using one of the names I call God, the Creator, the Source of all. I speak of God as Infinite Life. We live in this One Life. The Universe is mental and God, Source is that One Mind, that One Life. God is the indescribable One. We live in this One Mind, in the One Life that I call God.

So it is in this One Life that we are all on the great adventure we call life. As events come up for you, don’t doubt yourself or find out reasons why it can’t happen. We long for something great to happen and then when it does, sometimes fear comes into play. We think: What if this? or What if that? What if I can’t handle it? What if what I was planning to saying at that moment doesn’t come out right? What if I make a fool of myself? We’re all afraid of making a mistake and looking bad. But I have something to tell you and it’s this. When a chance for success comes along, and you start to doubt yourself, stop and think again. You may be saying “no” to a great opportunity.

Has that happened in your life? It has to most of us.

What you decide to do and hold in your consciousness is what it’s about.

Nietzsche wrote, “One must still have chaos in one’s self to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”  

We’ve all had chaos in our lives. Life is a learning and a growing process. If we don’t even try because we’re afraid of making a mistake, how can we become the “dancing star” that Nietzsche spoke of? 

That’s what I am, a “dancing star”. I certainly have had the chaos in my life. Now I’m living my dream. There are no promises and that’s why life is a great adventure. You can live it too if and when you say, Yes to Life.