7 Kinds of Interesting Travellers

One thing that I have found is that when travelling, there will be people from all walks of life. Rich people, poor people, smart people, stupid people, funny people, sad people, inspiring people, ridiculous people, helpless people and the list goes on.

1. The First Time Traveler

The first time traveler is usually excited and perhaps a little apprehensive. Yet they have enthusiasm for discovery and look for opportunities to learn. Everything is exciting and new. However there could be the first time traveller who is expecting everything to be like it is at home and leave the tour disappointed. Let all the new people discover that the world is different and they can be enjoyed.

2. The Travel Guru

The travel guru knows it all. They read everything that they can prior to the tour and then they like to impress you with their knowledge and sometimes they speak the native language. They will provide advice on all things and there will be times that you wished you had someone else to talk to. However, you can still learn something from him/her.

3. The Adventure Man/Woman

The adventure man/woman personifies adventure. They dress for the adventure occasion and even act the part. Not like other travellers who simply enjoy adventure. Great people to be with during adventures but not necessarily the best dinner companion.

4. The Party Animal

The party animal prefers to start the day with brunch. He/she finds it difficult to get up early in the morning due to the party during the previous evening. Great people but will slow down serious travelers.

5. The Warring Couple

The warring couple are on the tour because one of them wanted to go. During the tour this fact will come out and there will be unsavoury scenes. Find a place some distance away and continue to enjoy your holiday.

6. The High Spending Traveler

The high spending traveller expects to get whatever he/she wants in any place. Can be much fun if they are generous but sometimes difficult to be with.

7. The Normal Traveler

Yes there are many normal travelers out there. They are like you and me enjoying the company of others and being a friend when it is needed. Easy to get along with and has a great sense of humour.

In summary, whatever the kind of traveler you meet, don’t judge too harshly. Everybody must have their day but some want it more often. Have fun and try to find the normal traveller and all will be well.

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